We Are Clowns Solo Show Los Angeles Over the Influence Gallery

About This Project

Adlane Samet’s artistic style is reminiscent of the expressive and raw art movements of Expressionism and Art Brut. With a delicate balance between aggression and sensitivity, his brushstrokes convey the tumultuous emotions that lie beneath the vibrant colors and captivating compositions. Drawing inspiration from the uninhibited drawings of children, Samet embraces a spontaneous approach, liberating himself from the confines of academic realism and shedding the
burdensome weight of adulthood.

We are Clowns symbolizes the grand circus of the modern world, where reality unfolds as an awe-inspiring spectacle of continuous performances and acts. Step into the planetary circus, a captivating realm where the extraordinary and the absurd blend harmoniously to present a fascinating and unconventional show. The clowns, as the actors of this existence, embrace a daily mask to confront the ordinary. Behind this facade, they conceal their sorrows, fears, and wounds, fully
immersing themselves in the art of clowning. It is this particular aspect of the clown persona that captivates Adlane in his craft. From the daring tightrope walkers to the unpredictable jack-in-the-box, he plunges into a vibrant universe, becoming puppeteers who give voice to these characters. His objective is to delve as deeply as possible into the human hypocrisy hidden behind the clown’s mask. He is the clown who paints with a palette of colors, all the while concealing
his own wounds.
Amidst the apparent chaos, a glimmer of hope persists. Just like in any remarkable circus performance, moments of beauty and authenticity shine through, reminding us of the inherent magic that lies within our world. The artist warmly invites the public to find a seat and surrender to a captivating spectacle, where the limits of imagination cease to exist.

Within this extraordinary experience, one is encouraged to let go, allowing themselves to be swept away by a truly unparalleled journey. It is an invitation to embrace the boundless realm of creativity and let the imagination soar freely.