Spring Group Show Taiwan Vins Gallery

About This Project

VINS Gallery 2023’s first spring large-scale artist group exhibition was officially launched recently, inviting 11 artists from around the world, including Asia, Africa and Europe, to gather in Taiwan, including many potential rising stars who came to Taiwan for the first time, and a total of 52 flat and three-dimensional works were exhibited work. Hypebeast went directly to the scene and conducted an exclusive interview with the founder Vince, who personally introduced and deepened the theme and highlights of this artist group exhibition, and shared his insights on the rise of Taiwan’s art atmosphere in recent years.

VINS Gallery will have at least one large-scale artist joint exhibition every year. The theme of this spring joint exhibition is clear, that is, the epidemic has finally slowed down after three years. We hope that by inviting 11 artists from all over the world, we will bring Works in a light and lively style, including relaxed sketches, as well as representative masterpieces of the artist, all kinds of works that appear to be different in tone at first glance, actually have the frequency of coordination and resonance with each other. Among them, 3 Several pieces of physical sculptures by participating artists are exposed for the first time in the world; I hope that the first large-scale joint exhibition this spring can reawaken the pace of life of the public to go to the gallery to see the exhibition, and we also welcome more new collectors to come exhibition.

The participating artists of this joint exhibition are mainly from Europe, North Africa, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. 9 of the 11 artists have their works exhibited in Taiwan for the first time. We hope that through the group exhibition, it is also a rare opportunity to let Taiwanese collectors Get to know these cutting-edge artists as efficiently as possible.

Adlane Samet , who is from Algeria and currently living in France, has recently gained fame and rapidly became popular. With his unique destructive style and composition with strong color tension, he was strongly invited by VINS Gallery to exhibit in Taiwan for the first time.


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